Out and About: Dashi Noodle Bar

Tommy and I both had the day off yesterday, which was really nice. After eating brunch and lounging for most of the day, we decided to give the Dashi Noodle Bar a try and I’m really glad we did!

The interior of Dashi is very modern and stylish with light wood countertops, orange and white walls,  and scallop-like decals throughout. The menu is pretty straight forward: choose your topping (pork, chicken, beef, tofu or veggies), noodle (ramen, udon, rice noodle, whole wheat, or rye ramen), broth (pork & chicken, mushroom, beef or konbu-bonito), then additional toppings such as an egg or ginger bacon.

I went with tofu, udon noodles, mushroom broth with an egg. The noodles were cooked nicely, and the egg was a nice addition. But the real star of my bowl was the mushroom broth which contained large slices of seasoned mushrooms. There was also a condiment bar with toppings like basil, jalapenos, chili sauce, cilantro and onions to spice up your dish as you please.

Tommy and I shared some saki, and spit one of the “steamed buns.” While the bun was really good (coconut curry with chicken) it wasn’t much of a bun at all, but instead more of a wrap. The gal at the counter told me this after I ordered it, but I must have been in denial because I was still a bit surprised when it came to the table. Regardless, it was very tasty. Can’t wait to go back!

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