Japanese Onigiri

Today I’m really excited for Melyssa from The Nectar Collective to share a Japanese dish called onigiri! In case you aren’t familiar with Melyssa, you can find a whole interview with her here, but you should also check out her awesome blog! I think you’ll quickly find out why it’s one of my favorites. Melyssa actually […]

Asian Chicken Salad

As much as I love rich and creamy comfort foods, summer begs for lighter and fresher meals. I find myself eating as many blueberries possible, adding mint to every drink, and craving fish tacos. I also eat a lot more salads during the summer time, and this asian chicken salad is one of my favorites.  […]

A S’mores Experiment

Let’s not pretend that camping isn’t just an elaborate scheme to make s’mores. Cause we all know it totally is. It just wouldn’t be camping without them! So while on our little camping trip, I decided to conduct a little experiment. Sure, s’mores are great…but what if we replaced the chocolate with candy instead? My […]

Tropical Citrus Sangria

Generally, I’m a red wine kinda girl. White wine just doesn’t seem like wine to me…I feel like I’m drinking juice. I realize wine is juice, but white just doesn’t have the bitterness and substance of red. Despite my red wine preference, white has begun to grow on me thanks to the awesome summer we […]

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