How to Cook Artichokes in Saladmaster


How to Cook Artichokes


·         Prepare artichokes for cooking: Snap off tough outer leaves. Using a serrated knife, cut off top 1/3 of artichoke. Snip remaining sharp or spiky tips using kitchen shears. Trim stem so artichoke stands upright. Rub cut surfaces with lemon to prevent discoloration. Repeat with remaining artichokes and lemon.

·         Set in culinary basket in 3qt; add enough water so it reaches just below the basket. Squeeze lemon juice into water and add 1 tablespoon salt; bring to a boil. Place artichokes in steamer basket, stem-side up. Cover pot, and cook tenderize until heart is tender when pierced with a tip of a paring knife, and inner leaves pull out easily, 25 to 35 minutes; add more water to pot, if necessary. Serve warm or at room temperature with sauce or butter.

Cook in 7qt or 9qt braiser for more Quantity of artichokes
place 2 inches water in bottom of pan, place artichokes in the pot. Medium click low. Cook for 30-35 mins

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