HOW to Cook Pancakes


Cooking Pancakes in Saladmaster:

or french toast 

Pre-heat skillet to Medium, Spray skillet with pan oil spray (optional) cook pancakes. 

Drop the temperature down to med-low and continue cooking as many pancakes as desired.

Oil Free Pancakes: Preheat skillet to medium on large element of stove or preheat the electric skillet to . Do the water test. Pour pancake batter onto the preheated pan, and then flip when the top has bubbles evenly across it. You may leave the oil out of the recipe as well. If pancake sticks and burns, lower the heat. If the pancake sticks and seems to take too long, raise the heat. Once you’ve found the ‘correct’ setting, it’s simple for next time!

Gluten Free Pancake mix

6 cups sorgum flour- (or cornmeal)

3 cups tapioca flour

1 cup ground flax

1 T. Sea salt

Pancakes: 1 cup mix

½ cup soy milk or nut milk – add more if needed

½  tsp Cinnamon – optional

Mix well and time to cook pancakes


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