Red Vegan Mushroom Posole



For the soup:

4 quarts of water

1/2 onion cone #2

1 big can of Mexican style Hominy 25 oz or 2 15 oz cans

3lbs  trumpet mushrooms (cut up)

4 garlic cloves cone #1

Salt to taste


For the red sauce:

4 cups water

20 dried chiles california (guajillo peppers) cleaned, seeded,

1/2 onion cone #2

½ teaspoon dry Mexican oregano

4 garlic cloves cone #1


For the garnish:

Limes cut in wedges

Shredded Cabbage cone #4


Soup Directions:

Heat water in a large 5 Qt or 7qt pan. Add onion and Hominy. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let simmer.

Red Sauce Directions:

Cook the chilies with 4 cups water (take out the seeds first) boil until soft .

Blend the Soft chilies with garlic onion and oregano.


Sauté in a skillet garlic, onion and mushrooms until browned,

Add the Sautéed mushrooms to the Soup pour in chili sauce and let simmer. Add Salt & more oregano to taste.


serve with lime, shredded cabbage & spicy chili sauce


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