Salad of Celery, Fennel , Apple & Dandelions

Salad of Celery, Fennel , Apple & Dandelions
Serves 4
1 head of romaine lettuce- torn into pieces
1 bunch of dandelions chopped thinly
2 stalks celery cone #4
1 bulb of fennel very  #4
1 crisp apple cone #3
1/3 cup raw walnut halves
Garlic lemon dressing

1/3 c extra virgin olive oil
juice of one lemon & zest
1 clove garlic
1 tsp coconut nectar
1 drop of stevia or maple syrup
pinch Himalayan salt
freshly ground black pepper

Blend together olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, nectar, stevia and salt & pepper and set aside. Prepare vegetables and divide among plates beginning with the greens and then top with celery, fennel and apple. Add walnuts and drizzle with the lemon garlic dressing. Serve immediately and Enjoy!

 Dandelions: Happy liver, healthy life is the motto here, and dandelion can help you on your quest to a healthy liver that does its daily duties. This plant is considered a weed by most lawn enthusiasts, but it has several healing properties for the liver, and therefore should not be overlooked when it comes time for detox. Dandelion has been used to treat liver problems dating back hundreds of years, but you don’t have to wait until your liver is in dire straits to get the benefits. Strengthening an already healthy liver will still yield plenty of good results and makes it worth looking into dandelion on your quest for a cleanse.

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